How to Prepare Your Car for Summer


Modern cars adopt whether quickly and change temperature accordingly. Whether it’s rain, snow or heat vehicle changes the environment. But season changes is not a big issue. As summers are increasing, the temperature also increases accordingly, in this changing temperature it is important to protect your vehicle from excessive heat and humidity. There are some elements which should be taken care of properly.

Cooling System

It is the central area to be the concern, this system under work during winters, not because engine do run hot, it is because the heater takes much time to run. Examine the hose and check the dropping point of is worth checking the condition of the hose clips and replacing any that are corroded. if the coolant is dropped out at the right level, then the car can be driven by switching off the heater. if the heater turns off for a month, then the water valves will be blocked by the corrosion. It is worth checking the condition of the close clips and replacing the corroded.

If the problem is too serious, adding the flushing agent is the ultimate option, run the engine so that the agent can lose deposits in the system and drain the coolant and refill.

Fan and Drive Belt

With a mechanical help check the drive belt. There will have been more load on generator during winter. If the belt is cracking on to the inner space, renew it. An appropriately tensioned belt consists of 1/2 inch of slack midway the two pulleys of the alternator. Most of the electric fans have thermostatic control. It should cut in as the temperature of the engine rises.

Air Filter

Modern cars have automatic air temperature control, in some cases, you have to adjust the temperature manually and adapt to different positions so that the engine is not taking hot air.


Underbody corrosion occurs during summers; it is due to when the mud and grit get collected underneath so as to react with the metal. It is because the salt absorbs metal from the atmosphere. The corrosive form never dries out from the atmosphere.

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